Who is Eros?

Matthew Lee, also known as Eros, is a multidisciplinary artist - explorer of life's opportunities and follows curiosity to feed their intellectual hunger.

As someone who pivoted away from their degree in Kinesiology, Eros is the epitome of passion and desire and wishes to thrive in the creative community within Los Angeles. My life culminated to shape my creativity and perspective. From the diverse cultures to the endless art, sports, fashion and music scenes -- I realized that my passion for creativity and storytelling was too strong to ignore. Using my experiences and surroundings as inspiration, I transitioned into a creative field where I could explore my imagination freely. The combination of my education and my exposure to different types of stimuli growing up has helped me develop a unique perspective that I bring to my work. I am grateful for the opportunities that Los Angeles has provided me, and I am excited to continue to grow as a creative.

Learning to be more present and translating those experiences into inspiration, Eros evolves alongside society.

Avid sports enjoyer. Art appreciator. Spontaneous and Lively. Fashion designer. Photographer. Charismatic and Inquisitive. Human.


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